Some tips for maintenance of silicone sex doll

Keep in mind that its not a genuine individual you are dealing with its a silicone sex doll to be dealt with painstakingly. Where the doll is brand new, the joints may be a tad bit solid so be watchful while endeavoring to change its posationappendages, following some timeit will slacken up. On the off chance that you need to change angles of the doll to stance, recollect to move the appendages back to the first straight position when changing to an alternate position Flora-05 We prescribe utilizing water and cleanser to clean silicone dolls. Kindly don’t utilize chemicals, liquor or some other general client recolor removers. If it’s not too much trouble just utilize the stain remover furnished with it.Some garments may blur or turnish. We prescribe not to squeeze garments on it.You can utilize make up, simply be watchful while applying and expelling make up. Try not to utilize corrosive sabstances as they may contain liquor. Be watchful with scents others as they may have liquor, splash concealed areas of it.Anessential thing is to recollect that silicon dolls are fragile and require uncommon consideration. We additionally prescribe the utilization of child baby lotion and powder to keep affection doll perfect and new.

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