Silicone Real Sex Dolls Japanese Sex Doll -Alin 140cm

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Product Description

What makes a women sexy? Several people are still shy in this subject matter. However, things are changing quite rapidly as many people started exploring the world of sex toys. The silicone real sex dolls are the most high tech adult toys out available. The silicone real sex dolls are inherent the picture of a man; from genuine hair anyplace you’d like it, head, pussy, cockerel, arms or legs, even facial hair, to skin composition. Grown-up toys may be fun every now and then, in the bathtub or when you’re just excessively horny, making it impossible to sit tight for your lover to cum. Some sex toys, similar to sex swings very nearly give us what we need yet unless it’s kinkier then that it is not precisely what we need. We thought it couldn’t happen yet love dolls might simply be the better time toy that we’ve been envisioning about. Imagine having a slave with a hard cockerel to ride again and again? Perhaps a delicate, tight wet pussy is the place you should be. If so there are such a variety of lovely companions in the gathering that you can push your hard cockerel into. You can put your silicone real sex dolls in any position you could envision; put that young lady in cuffs and curve her over a work area. Possibly she ought to push her bosoms together and hold them out for your hard cockerel to gone through a couple times. Now and again you need to watch those tits bob wile you hold her legs to her shoulders or even watch her rear end exhibited to the world while she profound throats you’re throbbing shaft.
  • Material: high quality TPE
  • Height: 140cm
  • Hips: 72cm
  • Waist: 51cm
  • Bust: 74cm
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Metal articulated skeleton
  • Vagina: molded removable
  • For sex Oral, Anal and Vaginal
  • Vaginal depth: 18cm | Anal: 17cm | Oral: 13cm
Characteristic of  Silicone Sex Love Doll :
  1.  Antifouling — nothing can stick doll body, easy to clean.
  2. Durable — you can use over and over again for a long time, not easy to be damaged.
  3. Lifelike — strictly in accordance with the correct scale molded into.
  4. Flexible — interface has a wide range of activities in the region.
  5. Security – absolutely safe, non-toxic, no peculiar smell Material ,Japan latest scientific achievements of the simulation model in accordance with human skin, real skin feeling.

Maintenance and Cleanness

  1. The doll should be cleaned every 30 days used by mild shower foam. The head should be taken down and cleaned separately. Please do keep the head from water.
  2. When the body skin becomes sticky, please also use bath powder or powder to make it dry and smooth.
  3. Use the towel to dry the doll after cleaning and put on some bath powder or powder.  Please do not use the hair dryer to blow the doll.
  4. Use the wet towel to gently clean the face. Please do it lightly.
  5. Use the mild shampoo to wash the wig. Let the wig dry itself naturally.
  6. Suggestion: please put on the clothes for the doll and keep it clean.
  7. If some wounds appear, please contact us for special reparation. We promise there will be no marks left and the mend lasting for long.
  8. You should be carefully move the doll because it is a little heavy. Please avoid making the doll dropped, knocked or broken.


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